The Curse of Judas – Cynthia Brandel

The Curse of Judas

‘The price of survival is blood. The price of freedom is life. All things will eventually meet their end…….including humanity.

After generations of advancement, the human race thought they were invincible. That was until the revenant made their presence known. In order to survive, humans had to pay a price.

The cost……their blood. The source of life for all living things.

Persephone Black (Phoebe) was an orphan. She and her Pappy made a living on the outskirts of the revenant city where the poor and desolate were numerous. Phoebe had kept her head low and remained unnoticed for her entire life. She was content working as a junior gardner at the nursery as long as it meant her and Pappy’s continued survival within the city walls.

As fate would have it, Phoebe wouldn’t be able to go unnoticed for much longer. She caught the attention of Cassius, a revenant, and was summoned by him to the tower.

Phoebe would learn more about the revenant than most other humans. Cast into a world that she was not yet ready for, Phoebe would do anything to survive.

But she would soon learn that sometimes the cost of survival is more than a person could bear.

The Curse of Judas is a post-apocalyptic adventure interlaced with biblical prophecy and religious innuendo centered around the story of Judas Iscariot.

Persephone Black would be cast into the fray when she meets a son of Judas. Her existence is both a blessing and a curse for the revenant. If the secret of her birth ever came to light, the world of the revenants would turn on end.’

Okay, so we have a world where vampire-like creatures rule the world, and humans give blood to be allowed to survive. This kind of reminded me of the Blood of Eden series, by Julie Kagawa. This novella however had a Christian flavour reminiscent of James Rollins’s The Order of the Sanguines series. All in all, not bad titles to be associated with.

The plot was well thought out in this novel. Persephone is the average girl trying to survive in a falling world. Even when she turns out to be special, her specialness never influences the plot. I think this is something we don’t see allot in Paranormal settings.

I like the way this world was built. The situation sounds realistic enough. My only concern is we don’t get what really happened during the war. Who attacked first? Why did they attack? Why only now? Why did the others go along with the war? Aside from these questions, the setting was perfect.

I haven’t read a novella with terrible pacing yet, and this one is no different. It is certainly a page turner. The resolution was somewhat anticlimactic, though still satisfactory.

I still have questions. Like where is the man of the moment himself, Judas? Is there a reason Persephone is the first of her kind after all this time? Is Saint Peter who turned Judas away the same Peter the disciple? Because I believe Peter was historically still alive when Judas died. Because of all these questions, I’m more than willing to read future instalments, where I’m sure more information will be made available.

All in all, I liked The Curse of Judas. The only thing that had me raising my eyebrows was the almost incest ish scenarios that nearly play out.

Favourite quote:

‘“Obedient? If you think I will give you my obedience, then you are sadly mistaken,” I replied. “I will escape from here. The first chance I get, I will take it.” He released me when I wasn’t expecting him to, and I crumbled to the floor.’

Rating: 4 stars

Available from: Amazon


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