What On Earth Was I Thinking? – Reasons I Wrote Until We Are Free

In this regard, History lessons helped allot. In History, we learned about colonial Africa and the struggle for independence. We looked at the Cold War, and some of the questionable leaders progressive countries like America had to back. More profoundly, we looked at the Vietnam war during the sixties and seventies.


Long Walk to Publication – a History of My Debut Novel

In another edit of the same story, I removed all vamp characteristics. I think it was in that version I introduced Mira King, back then known as Tammy. Her purpose was mostly to serve as the third party to Nyl and Kgaryn’s romance. Ye, ye, I know, I’m always ranting against triangles on my blog.

Chapter One, Goodbyes – an Until We Are Free Excerpt

Checkout the free giveaway at the end of this post. Yep, you guessed it right, there’s a small prize. Chapter One – Goodbyes I first look right, then left, before shutting the curtains. This is private property, but one can never be too sure. Maybe even that won’t be enough. His Majesty’s Flies are everywhere. Skulking on everyone’s wall, and reporting to the king.

The Graduate – Until #0.5 – a short story

Mira ran. She ran faster than she had ever run, faster than any breakfast incentive at camp would ever prompt. To Mira, it felt like every single running exercise, every single second she had spent in the gym for the past three years had all been building to one moment. This very moment, where gunshots were coming from behind her. But she could barely hear the shots. The wind that seemed to be running against her, pushing her back, made her deaf to all sound.

2018 – What Have I Been Reading So Far? PT 2

The Hate You Give – Angie Thomas, 5 stars The book everyone is talking about. There was no way I could remain part of the book community, and not want to read this. Although I might have had a difference or two with the main character’s principles, I enjoyed this book. The message is relevant everywhere in the world, especially the problem of institutional discrimination and double standards. Above all, Star’s conflict regarding how to behave in each of her two communities is one that resonated with me. ‘When I run out of flowers, I look at the funeral program. It’s full of pictures of Khalil, from the time he was a curly-haired baby up until a few weeks ago with friends I don’t recognize. There are pictures of me and him from years ago and one with us and Natasha. All three of us smile, trying to look gangster with our peace signs. The Hood Trio, tighter than the inside of Voldemort’s nose. Now I’m the only one left.’

Top Ten Fiction Quotes, and Why They Matter

**Keep reading for never before released quotes from my upcoming novel, Until We Are Free. ‘“Ooh!” Sekani holds his hand out. “Gimme my dollar!” “Hell no,” I say. “That shit doesn’t work with me.” “Three dollars!” “Okay, fine. I’ll give you a three-dollar bill.” “I’ve never seen a three-dollar bill,” he says. “Exactly. And you’ll never see my three dollars.”’ Thomas, Angie. The Hate U Give: The Book Everyone’s Talking About (Kindle Location 3374). Walker Books Ltd.. Kindle Edition. It is only fitting I start with what is probably the most talked about YA book for the past eighteen months.

2018 – What Have I Been Reading So Far?

According to Goodreads, I’ve read twenty four books this year. Considering college, and working on my own novel, this is not bad at all. Below is the first part of what I’ve read this year. Note, books I don’t like are not usually on my Goodreads. Do not let this list deceive you into thinking everything I’ve read is 3 stars or more. **Stay tuned for an excerpt from my upcoming novel, after the following list.

Until We Are Free – Announcing My Debut Novel

Nyl Jayms is tasked with kidnaping the Elder princess, to force her brother, the king, to negotiate with humans. The alternative is a war that could lead to the annihilation of both humans and Elders. A Rider Council faction, led by Nyl’s father, is opposed to any negotiations. They will do anything, including sabotaging Nyl’s … Continue reading Until We Are Free – Announcing My Debut Novel