Her Majesty’s Hounds pt 2

“Would you approve?” I ask her. “Would you approve of what we do … Of what I let her do?” Only diamonds stare back unknowingly at me without answers. So much for my people’s religion, centred on Ancestral Worship.


Her Majesty’s Hounds PT 1 – a The Exile excerpt

Her Majesty’s Hounds Her Majesty’s Hounds - Part 1 So I have a new novel. I’m currently in the process of querying it. Not having any new content to post on the blog, I decided to post chapter one in two parts. Enjoy. Comments are more than welcome. Chapter One - Her Majesty’s Hounds Things … Continue reading Her Majesty’s Hounds PT 1 – a The Exile excerpt

A Non Romantic’s List of the Best Romance Books of All Time

Turtles All The Way Down I, a singular proper noun, would go on, if always in a conditional tense. But you don’t know any of that yet. We squeeze his hand. He squeezes back. You stare up at the same sky together, and after a while he says, I have to go, and you say, Good-bye, and he says, Good-bye, Aza, and no one ever says good-bye unless they want to see you again.”

The Most Romantic Fictional Couples of All Time

  The Most Romantic Fictional Couples of All Time So the 14th was last week Thursday. In honour of that day we celebrate love, here are my favourite fictional couples. And because I’m such a bubble of sunshine, I will include something I dislike about the couple. Teenage Love Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger ‘“I … Continue reading The Most Romantic Fictional Couples of All Time

TM Blayte’s List of Free Resources for Writers

TM Blayte's list of Free Resources for Authors TM Blayte’s list of free resources for writers Without going into details, book Twitter has been a circus for the last three weeks. After the dust had settled, I came to a scaring conclusion. No writing advice is absolute. As a creative industry against the backdrop of … Continue reading TM Blayte’s List of Free Resources for Writers

Shut Up and Entertain Us! Should Authors Be Political?

While many publishing professionals are likely to subscribe to my beliefs, all readers necessarily won’t. After all, if not for readers, communist, liberal, moderate, conservative, socialist, and everything in between, professionals will not make a living. When push comes to shove, the most liberal or moderate professional will drop me, before they face ruin. And I wouldn’t blame them.

The Power of Legend Chapter 3 – The Empress

The other woman smirked. “Really? Come now, Lady Commander. My sources report you draw all his battle plans, and are the General in Garychi, in all but name. He could spend the entire day sleeping, and it would make no differences to the war outcomes.” “Monomwana Hamenoimi is a capable soldier and leader, Your Greatness.” “You do not need to defend him, Lady Alade. There is no shame in not being skilled. You will find, most leaders are not successful because of any special gift. They are successful because they surround themselves with capable people. Leaders like myself are an exception, if I may say so myself. That is my son’s strength. He knows enough to make you, Lord Makomo and Lady Eve his supreme commanders. I am proud of him.”

The Power of Legend Chapter 1 – a Battle in the Sky

Finally, the Edenites and the vamps met in mid air. The vamps abandoned their arrows, and drew short swords. The Edenites drew both swords and firelaunchers, and the battle commenced in true honesty. Quick Vampiers and strong Edenites met in midair. Thanks to their heavy and strong armour, Edenites were proving harder to kill. This forced a Vampier to spend a few more seconds than usual engaged with a single Edenite. This in turn gave Edenites enough time to use brute strength against the Vampiers. Alade knew eventually, the Vampier’s speed and superior numbers would overwhelm her own forces.